quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014


I thought i would once have you. I used to feel you so close to me, but now you're fading, slowly losing myself when starting to miss memories.
I thought you would became the very best part of me, the most crazy adventure. An endless tea party, with your milky-white brightness and so silly clever jokes.
I thought my life would change completely to aloud you to fit on my borders. But i had none.
The place you once had been seems to be no more than agreeable, comfortable, but now is no more than a painful hole in my already absent soul, an emptiness in my already vacant heart, a blindness in my already uncolorful mind. Just one more sadness in my already desperate life.
On top of a cliff of deep depression, a loss of all my hopes.
I thought i would once have you. And i thought being with you would change all my sorrow and give me a chance of fulfill my lack of achievable dreams.
I wish to wish you. With you. Dream your dreams.
I thought i would once have you, but now i don't even know i would have myself back.